Discover the secrets that top agents use for consistent growth!
This Beta coaching course is a sneak peak of the online coaching courses & group coaching that is available: Real Estate Entrepreneur Coaching with Terrence Murphy. In this event, you'll learn what necessary principles you need to persistently grow & perfect through focused intent and effort in order to be successful. Terrence will focus on topics such as time blocking, lead generation, agent profile type, branding, customer retention, and much more.

Online Course

perform like the pros
Consistent Growth
Learn how top real estate agents & investors consistently grow and produce new business 
Perfect your Business
Uncover secret hacks to streamline your business so you can focus on attracting new clients
Master your Mindset
Discover the methods that top real estate agents & investors use to outperform their peers
About The Host

Terrence Murphy

This event is led by Terrence Murphy, founder of Terrence Murphy Companies. Terrence had a successful football career and after retiring from the NFL, real estate became his main focus and passion. Terrence has brokered $1 Billion + in sales volume and 6,300 transactions. He currently leads the TM5 Team, a real estate team, in College Station, TX. He has consistently ranked in the top 1% of agents in the United States and was ranked the #1 agent by the BCS MLS in 2021 in total sales volume.
  • Personally sold 60+ properties that were $1M+ transactions
  • Has one of the highest transaction per agent ratios in the market
  • He has successfully partnered or founded over 22+ companies under Terrence Murphy Companies brand and has invested in 30+ additional companies
Terrence is a visionary and serial entrepreneur at heart. He has successfully started a number of ventures and companies over the years. His passion for building businesses continues to grow.

Online Course Only

Topics Covered

  • Time Blocking
  • Lead Generation
  • Agent Profile Type
  • ​Branding
  • ​Customer Retention
  • ​And much more...

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